What is a Micro Job? | Can You Earn More than $10/hour?

What is a Micro Job
Micro jobs are a form of temporary job that are most commonly very quick and easy to complete. Anything from single person projects, to large scale crowd-sourcing projects can be found to be considered micro jobs. While most micro jobs are booked and completed online, there are also...
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Is Clickworker a Scam? | Top 2018 Review

Clickworker is an online workforce for hire that offers people the opportunity to complete micro-tasks to earn money. It’s free to join, and there are no fees for opening your account, or working through the program. Unfortunately, the small payouts, lack of job availability, and poor user experience...
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What is Linktree? | Centralize Your Social Media Accounts

Centralize your social media links
By centralizing your URLs into a single link, Linktree makes it easy for your online traffic to access any social media account, website, article, or event. Although primarily designed for Instagram and Facebook, it can be integrated into any social media platform or website. Linktree is essential for...
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Empowr Review – The Truth Exposed

Empowr Review
After stumbling upon Empowr, I was intrigued by the claims they made about earning money through social networking. If you are unfamiliar with Empowr, it’s a social media network just like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The major difference here though, is that unlike these social media sites which...
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How to Update a WordPress Plugin | 2 Simple Steps

How to update a WordPress plugin
Guide Contents: Plugin updates explained How to update a WordPress plugin Why updating your plugins is important Plugin Updates Explained – What Exactly Are They? After you download plugins to your WordPress website, you’ll start to receive notifications of plugin updates. These will appear in the sidebar of...
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How to Install a Plugin On WordPress | 3 Easy Steps

How to install a plugin on WordPress
Guide Contents: What is a plugin How to install a plugin – 3 steps Why you need plugins Must-have WordPress plugins Improve traffic/conversion rate by 100% What is a Plugin – Basic Overview Plugins are website extensions that perform various tasks and functions that are not included by...
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Slicethepie Review 2018 – Can You Really Make Money?

Can you make money with Slicethepie?
Slicethepie is an online, paid music review website where you can earn money to listen to, and leave your opinion on upcoming songs in various genres. In theory, it’s a great website that could be extremely popular, but unfortunately its poor execution makes it another overrated, underpaying micro-job....
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