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Create a Website To Earn Money In Minutes – Step By Step Guide

Never before has earning money online been as easy and simple as it is today. hundreds, if not thousands of people are starting to earn a passive income online every year, and all by creating a website. Websites are the foundation of any successful online business, and will be the foundation for your own success if you take a few minutes to follow this step by step guide.

Follow these steps to creating a website - earn a passive income!Create a Website To Earn Money In 5 Steps:

  1. Learn the basics to affiliate marketing
  2. Signup for Wealthy Affiliate
  3. Choose a niche for your website
  4. Create your website
  5. Build content

Completing these 5 simple steps can be done in just minutes! Once you’re finished, you’ll have everything you need to start earning money online.

The Steps To Earning Money Online – The Beginner’s Guide

1. The first step to earning money online, is to learn the basics of affiliate marketing. Reading the article only takes a few minutes, and will give you an idea of how you will be earning money through your website.

Affiliate marketing is a very simple process that anyone can learn to do. It doesn’t take any kind of experience or education in business, marketing, or sales; it just takes the will to learn. And the best part is, you don’t have to sell anything!

The education provided here online is more than enough for you to become a master of affiliate marketing, and work from home full time without selling, or promoting anything.

2. Sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, and you will have all the necessary tools to create a successful website. Everything from learning to create your website, to publishing quality content, and of course earning money from it is all covered in great detail at Wealthy Affiliate.

Signing up is completely free, so don’t hesitate to check out the free training lessons, and get your website up and running at NO COST. There is a premium membership for those entrepreneurs really seeking a passive income, but it’s not a requirement, and your free account will remain active for as long as you want.

3. Once you have created your free account at Wealthy Affiliate, you’ll be directed through the training modules to teach you exactly how to begin creating your website. It’s an incredibly simple process, and only it takes a matter of minutes to have your new website online. 

One of the first steps they will ask you to do, is to choose a niche for your website. A niche is essentially a category for the products and services you will be creating content about within your website. The training at Wealthy Affiliate will teach you everything you everything you need to know about choosing a niche that will bring you success. They also have some great examples of how to target a specific sub-category, and become the go-to website in your niche.

4. This is the exciting part, as you get to actually create your website, and publish it to the internet! Once you have chosen your niche, creating your website is just a matter of choosing a theme (a template) that you like.

Don’t spend too much time choosing a theme. There are thousands of free WordPress themes to choose from, so you can waste hours browsing through the different themes. Your theme is less important than the content you publish, so focus on creating engaging content for your visitors.

Content quality > Content appearance 

You can also always change your theme whenever you want without losing any information or content. So don’t worry too much about selecting the perfect theme.

5. The last step will be to build the content for your website. This can include:

  • Blog posts
  • Product/Service reviews
  • Portfolios
  • Online stores
  • Guides
  • And much more

Creating content is not as hard as you may think, and it doesn’t take an author or great writer to publish quality content. The most important thing about writing good content, is writing with a voice that your readers will find engaging. As long as you can engage your audience, you will be able to turn a visitor, into a commission.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, there are templates, and detailed training modules to help you build amazing content. No matter what kind of website you create, your content will be the source of your income, so creating dull, uninformative content will ultimately lead to a loss of traffic, and a loss of revenue!

> Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate, and create your free account to start earning money now <

Wealthy Affiliate – Your Path To Success Online

It is completely possible to become an affiliate marketer without the help of Wealthy Affiliate, but the training and support provided there will accelerate your success exponentially. Not only do they teach you everything you need to know about creating a successful, money making website, they also provide:

  • Site hosting
  • Site protection
  • Site speed
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Access to a helpful, like-minded community
  • Weekly live training classes
  • 1 on 1 personal training
  • And so much more

With Wealthy Affiliate, you will become an expert in no time. They are the industry leaders because of their dedication to helping others achieve success. They succeed by making you succeed! Just like thousands of others, your path to success starts with Wealthy Affiliate. Become part of the growing, online community and create the foundation for your future through affiliate marketing.

If you have ant questions or concerns about how to create a website to earn money, please leave them in the comment section below. I’d be more than happy to get right back to you! Your success is important to me!


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6 thoughts on “Create a Website To Earn Money In Minutes – Step By Step Guide
  1. Mike says:

    Great post gonna check the site!!!!

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Mike,

      Thanks! You definitely won’t be disappointed.


  2. Stefan Vogt says:

    Hallo Isaya
    Thanks for this information This is exactly what I was looking for these days.
    About how much money do you think I have to invest to work for a year?

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Stefan,

      You’re welcome! Your success is important to me. Too many people work too hard and earn too little, all the while not knowing about the potential of affiliate marketing right at their fingertips.

      The amazing thing about Wealthy Affiliate, is you can build a passive income without spending any money. However, there are a few small investments that will help accelerate your earnings. Buying your own domain ($15/year), and the premium membership ($50/month) offer incredible benefits to your website. These are completely optional, but if you are willing to invest some money to build a successful, long-term source of passive income, then these are definitely worth considering.

      You can make much, MUCH more than this, so in the grand scheme of things, it’s incredibly cheap if you compare what they offer with others in the industry.

      Hope this helps, any other questions don’t hesitate to ask!


  3. ariel says:

    Hello Isaya,
    Wow, what a great article. I really appreciate how you explain the process. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can attest to the fact that it works. And it is such a fantastic experience and journey. I would recommend it to anyone considering building an online business. WA is so ethical and outstanding in its ability to teach us how to make this happen. And the community is fabulous. I wish you great success. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Ariel,

      Thank you very much for leaving your own review of Wealthy Affiliate. It’s great to hear from other members of the community, which is one of the best things about it!

      I agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great experience and journey. Also that the teaching is very ethical, they teach you how to be successful and do it right; no scams, or tricks.

      I wish you the best in your search for success online, you are already heading in the right direction!


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