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Empowr Review – The Truth Exposed


Cost Varies

Earning Potential

1.5 /10

My Rating

2.5 /10


  • No Start-Up Fee
  • Earn Money Daily
  • Doesn't Take Much Time
  • Quick Support


  • Unsubstantial Earnings
  • Too Many Up-Sells
  • Too Many Hidden Charges
  • Dishonest Claims
  • Poor User Experience

After stumbling upon Empowr, I was intrigued by the claims they made about earning money through social networking.

If you are unfamiliar with Empowr, it’s a social media network just like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The major difference here though, is that unlike these social media sites which are structured around content, and social value, Empowr is structured around making money.

This might sound great, especially when they claim to return 97% of advertisement earnings back to it’s users.

However, as I began to use the program and engage with the community by posting, and sharing other’s content, I started to notice some red flags pop up.

After doing some further research, I began to realize the truth behind Empowr, it’s just another cleverly disguised money making scam.



Empowr Review Contents:


Have a Different Opinion? – Let Me Know!

Now, my opinion towards Empowr is from my own personal experiences, and the information I have gathered after my research.

If you happen to have a different story, and have actually made money here, please take a minute to let me know in the comments. I’d be very interested to learn how you were able to take advantage of this program.

Red Flag #1 – How You Earn Money

The way Empowr works, is it enables its users to profit from gaining shares, likes, and comments on their blog posts.

However, the first and most obvious indication that something is off, is that there’s no information regarding how much money you actually earn from your posts.

You’re given a “Power Level” represented by a coloured circle, which indicates how much money you earn, yet no where does it specify how much this is. 

The amount of money you make every day for your posts seems to come from thin air.

Empowr daily earnings

After contacting my coach, asking him how much money I made for my posts, I received no response.

It seems that they don’t want you, or anyone else to know how much money is actually being earned here. They claim that 97% of earnings are returned to Empowr users, but where is this money coming from in the first place?

Red Flag #2 – Where Do Your Earnings Come From?

You earn money by posting, and having others share, like, and comment on your posts.

But why do you earn money from this? Do others pay to like and share your content? The truth is, the money ultimately comes from it’s users, then it’s redistributed to others.

I logged on to my account one day, to notice that $25 had been withdrawn.

$25 service charge

As it turns out, your account is not only charged a monthly fee for your profile, you are also charged monthly for your power level, which I mentioned earlier.

I’ll go into these charges more in a minute, but essentially what this means is that you are paying to advertise your posts/products.

They then redistribute that money to others for gaining likes, shares, and comments on their content.

So while in truth they are giving back 97% of their earnings, those earnings are also coming almost exclusively from the users in the first place.


Red Flag #3 – Pay for Power Level

As I mentioned earlier, $25 had been withdrawn from my account without my knowledge. After investigating the charge, I realize I had been charged for a power level upgrade.

In fine print at the bottom of the power level page it reads:

” If your subscription is terminated or your power level changed manually, or automatically via your earnings accelerator setting, a new subscription might be initiated and therefore your effective daily cost may differ.”

This essentially says that your daily charges are subject to change automatically. 

Furthermore, these charges are not minimal, and will slowly increase as your earnings do.

The cost for the top power level, at the highest degree, is $100,000/month!

Monthly power level costs

With monthly payments like that, it’s no wonder where the money you earn is coming from.

How Empowr Really Works – The Truth Revealed 

It seems as though the claims Empowr makes of giving back to it’s users by returning 97% of their earnings is not a lie, but it’s isn’t entirely truthful either.

Although they do return these earnings to their users, they lack to mention that the money you earn is being taken from other users in the first place. 

They claim that they earn money through advertisement, and return the earnings back to you, but YOU are the advertiser, and YOU are the one paying them to promote your blog or products.

Your earnings are not even available until they mature, which takes 90 days.

The truth is:

Empowr is just another cleverly disguised scam designed to hook you with false claims of earning easy money online.


Make Legitimate Money Online – Avoid Further Scams

Although you may be disappointed after learning that there isn’t much potential through Empowr, you shouldn’t be discouraged.

There are plenty of legitimate ways of making money online that pay substantial amounts that make them worth your time.

I have taken the time to provide you with what I honestly believe to be your greatest chance at making legitimate money online.

If you have the patience to spend some time learning the best way to earn money online, you can turn a simple website into a full-time, revenue generating business. 

You don’t need to know anything about building websites, buying or selling online, or marketing strategies.

All you need is a few hours every week, and the dedication to be persistent.


Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Empowr is nothing more than another fake money making scheme, designed to fool you into paying for their program.

They make claims that, while not technically dishonest, are not entirely honest either. The mystery behind your earnings is more than enough to make you question the validity of their mission statement, which is:

“To empowr people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence.”

While you may actually be able to earn a few bucks if you stick with the program long enough, it’s not worth your time and effort to learn how the system works.

Without taking the time to understand the flow of money within the site, you can’t hope to earn anything. And even then your chances of making substantial money are slim to none.

If you’ve had a different experience with Empowr, and managed to earn money through the program, please let me know in the comment section below.

Also, if you found this article to be helpful, please share it by clicking on the social media icons below.

All the best,



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12 thoughts on “Empowr Review – The Truth Exposed
  1. Hi Isaya,

    Really, $100.000 monthly just to be in the highest level. Who in their right mind could or would do this just to get a like on your post???

    I haven’t heard of Empowr before, but I’m glad that I heard about it hear first. I love to blog, and the idea with Empowr would have sounded tempting to give a test run. But not now, that’s for sure 🙂


    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Frank,

      Glad I could save you the trouble! I was intrigued by the idea, but also skeptical about how the whole system worked. After I got down to it, there were quite a lot of red flags that told me there was something fishy going on!

  2. Brandon says:

    Great job on exposing these scam artists. I know many people like this, and the sad part is that they actually get away with it! Receiving no response from your coach makes you question the legitimacy of the whole thing. I mean, is there anyone really on the other side of that message or a made-up name? I think this system has too many red flags for me to take it seriously. Thanks a lot for doing the groundwork!

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Brandon,

      You’re welcome! I agree that there are way too many red flags, and way too much unanswered questions. The mystery behind this program is too much to feel safe investing money into it.

  3. Eli Hsu says:

    Thank you for your review.
    I heard about Empowr before. But I can’t make a decision to be a member of it.
    You made me understand the fact of this program.
    Thank you again.

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Eli,

      You’re most welcome! I was skeptical about signing up, but I’m glad I did so I could spare you the trouble!

  4. Ronnie Jordan says:

    Thanks for the heads up. It does not sound legitimate to me also. It always seems that when someone talks about you getting money and you really are not working for it, then chances are there is something wrong with it. But this is an awakening for the new online entrepreneurs who sometimes get desperate to make money and fall for a program such as this.

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Ronnie,

      The fact that they claim to return 97% of their earnings back to users sounds enticing, but when you do some digging, you realize that all their earnings are coming from the users in the first place. Not to mention it’s not easy to actually get your money back once you’ve invested it.

      Glad I could spare you some time and money!

  5. Jenni says:

    Thanks for this information. With a lot of people looking for opportunities online, it is so easy to get trapped in money-making sites that offer less work, and high & quick ROI. Sharing your experience with them saves us money and a lot of people trouble. More success!

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Jenni,

      You’re more than welcome! I hope I could spare you the trouble of stumbling upon this site on your own and wasting your own money!
      I spent almost $15 on the site to really get an understanding of the process so that you don’t have to!

  6. Vince says:

    Thanks for raising this. I did look in to Empowr but I wasn’t sure if its a scam or not. Sound very sketchy and I won’t be joining.
    I’ll still to you other recommendations.
    Thanks for the warning.

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Vince,

      I wouldn’t call it a scam, but it definitely doesn’t reward you in the same way that they claim.

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