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Don't let your job chain you down


Do you work hard at your job, but don’t make enough money?

Are you stuck with some form of debt, unable to get ahead?

Having worked for many different companies over the years, I know what it’s like to be stuck in the “rat race” waiting for my next paycheck.

It can be impossible to live off of current minimum wages, and with the increasing rate of post-education unemployment, many people are turning to other sources for a way to make a living.

If you are reading this, you are probably one of those people interested in putting some extra cash in their pocket. If so, then you are in the right place!

Where to Begin – Your First Task


Don’t Get Scammed – Have Realistic Expectations

Like many others, I was tired of living from one paycheck to another, and I wanted something more for myself. So I did some research into possible money making solutions that could provide a supplementary income on top of my low wages.

Of course, searching for “ways to make money online” can produce incredible quantities of results, meaning I had to sift through the scams, and faulty claims of earning thousands of dollars online in days.

Claims of earning money online in the same day are probably false

I hate to say it, but claims such as these just aren’t true. 

These “opportunities” are either going to require tons of investment money, which for most of us is not an option, or they will simply be scams. A lot of these programs are specifically designed to drain as much money from your wallet as possible.

It’s important to be realistic in what you hope to achieve online. Nothing happens overnight, as all good things require some perseverance.

If you want to be successful, you will be successful!


A Little About Myself – Who Am I and Why You Should Care

My name is Isaya, I’m a young Japanese-Canadian entrepreneur, and I work from home using the knowledge, and strategies that I have learned right here online. 

I have had many jobs working for many different employers, but while I was working for someone else, I was never able to get ahead.

Isaya, creator of Roadtoselfemployment, and girlfriend Anika

 Isaya, founder of Roadtoselfemployment, and girlfriend Anika

Self-employment leads to many great things, including:

  • Financial Feedom
  • The time to pursue other interests
  • A great feeling of accomplishment

I’m not here to get you to invest into any kind of money making scam, or become part of some pyramid scheme. In fact, I don’t want you to have to spend any money at all.

I know that most hard working people don’t make as much as they should, and if you’re here reading this now, you are probably one of those people. 

With that in mind, my goal is to provide you with the most current tools and resources for you to become self-employed and live the life that you deserve!

I am here to teach you exactly how I learned to become self-employed.

Your Success is Important to Me


Where To Begin – Your First Task

In order to begin, you’ll first need to learn a bit about how you will be making money online. 

Take 5 minutes to learn more about affiliate marketing. It’s an incredibly simple process that only has 3 steps, which can lead to a full-time self-employment opportunity!



Dive in Head First – Kick-Start Your Success

If you already have some knowledge of affiliate marketing, or maybe you’re too eager and just want to get started, then you can dive in right away through this free online training. 

The lessons provided are the most advanced, comprehensive training modules in the industry, and can be accessed for completely free.

After completing these online lessons you will have:

  • The tools needed to earn money online
  • Knowledge/skills that will give you an advantage over the competition
  • A website that can start earning you money

This online training course was my ticket to learning how to become self-employed, will it be yours?

Knowledge = Money | Share the Wealth!