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What Is a Market Niche? Targeting Your Business

Niche:  “denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population”

A niche is group of collected, similar products or services that are marketed to a specific group of individuals with common goals or interests. 

Without a niche for your business, you will have no target audience, and no direction in which to move forward. A niche can be very broad, or very specific, but the more specific your target niche is, the better. The more specific your chosen niche is, the more detailed your content will be. Good content will ultimately lead to more revenue online!

Detail and accuracy are vital for gaining trust within a community.

Why Are Niche’s So Important? – No Reach With No Niche!

You may be asking yourself at this point, “what is a market niche, and why do I care?”.

Choosing the right market niche is crucial for your business’ success. Choosing a niche that is too broad will create too many competitors for yourself when trying to rank in Google and other search engines. Being as specific as possible with your niche will eliminate possible competitors, and give your content a specific direction.

For example, if you wanted to create a website about cooking, you’d have hundreds, if not thousands of other competing websites that also target cooking. To eliminate this competition, and make your business more recognized, try to target more specific niche’s such as:

  • Cooking Appliances
  • Cooking Recipes
  • Cooking Tutorials
  • Cooking Tips and Tricks
  • Cooking with kale

These are all examples of more specific niches within the main category of cooking. By choosing a more specified niche such as the examples above, your business will have a much greater chance of success.

There are millions of niches just waiting for someone to claim as their own!

Choosing a Niche – Be Specific!

Providing accurate, and detailed content to your audience is the best way of building success online. Trust is everything when it comes to turning your reviews into commissions, which is the ultimate goal of affiliate marketing. Your audience will not trust you if you are not specific and do not provide accurate information within your content.

Choosing the right target niche is important to narrow your “field of expertise”, of which you will be trying to gain an authority within the community. To repeat the same example; cooking is an incredibly broad niche to target. Your business will be much more successful if you target something more specific, like cooking with kale.

Being specific with your niche means you can be much more detailed with your content. Instead of needing to publish content about everything to do with cooking, you can narrow down your target content to just information about cooking with kale.

This can include:

  • How to cook with kale
  • The benefits of cooking with kale
  • Kale recipes
  • How to grow your own kale

“Biting off more than you can chew” is a common mistake when building a business online. More often than not it’s better to keep it simple and specific.

Tips and Tricks to Choosing a Niche – Start Your Business Right

If you already have a niche that you want to target, and are dead set on targeting that niche, by all means go for it! Having passion for a niche you’re targeting can be a great advantage, one that might set you apart from other websites.

Many of you however, will not know what niche you want to target, and might not have any ideas where to begin. Choosing a niche can be fun, but also frustrating if the niche you choose already has too much competition, or doesn’t have great affiliate opportunities.

Here are a few tips and tricks to finding your niche:

  • Search for products that are interesting to you, or selling well on Amazon
  • Research possible niches for that product or service
  • Research keyword possibilities for the niche
  • Check competition for keywords within the niche
  • Look for affiliate programs for other related products

Ideally, you’ll pick a niche that has some interest to you. Writing quality, engaging content is key to making commissions through your affiliate programs. It’s much easier to write engaging content if you are engaged in your niche.

No Writing Skills? No Sweat!

Creativity is key to success

It doesn’t take a published author to write quality content. All it takes is to be engaged in your niche, and to write your content with a voice. You’re not writing an essay, or a thesis, you are writing informative, detailed content on a topic that you choose. Being detailed doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your writing; be creative, be fun, but BE ENGAGING.

Do YOU have a voice?

This is where choosing the right niche becomes important again, because readers will notice if you don’t seem engaged in your writing. If you aren’t engaged, your audience won’t be either! Make sure you choose a niche that you can really dive into and become an authority within that niche.

Becoming an Authority in Your Niche – You Have the Power!

I have already mentioned “becoming an authority” in regards to your chosen niche, and the community that follows it a handful of times now. Let’s take a minute to look at what exactly it means to become an authority, and how it will benefit you and your business.

Becoming an authority means:

  • Gaining trust within the community
  • Becoming a “go-to” source for information
  • Gaining rankings over other websites
  • Increasing your traffic

Ultimately, the goal of everything you do on your website will be to gain traffic, and increase your revenue. After all, you’ll want to make money for your hard work! The best way to do this is to gain trust within the community, and become a strong authority within your chosen niche.

Choose a Niche – Your Direct Path to Success

The right niche can be the difference between a success, and wasted time. Choosing a niche can be hard, but taking your time and brainstorming the possibilities in depth can fast-track your business to earning you passive income!

One of the best ways to choose a niche, and determine it’s possibility for success, is to check the competition (or QSR) of the keywords within google. Wealthy Affiliate has a great keyword tool platform that lets you search the competition and possible traffic of keywords, and I highly recommend using it to help you build your website!

Choosing a small niche will bring big success! 

If you have any questions or comments about what a market niche is, feel free to leave them below! I’d love to hear from you, and help you in ANY way possible!

Your success is important to me! 

All the best,



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