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What is a Micro Job? | Can You Earn More than $10/hour?

Can you really earn money from micro jobs?Micro jobs are a form of temporary job that are most commonly very quick and easy to complete. Anything from single person projects, to large scale crowd-sourcing projects can be found to be considered micro jobs.

While most micro jobs are booked and completed online, there are also many examples of real-world micro jobs.

These jobs are short in nature, usually require limited education or skills, and do not pay very much. 

Because of this, the earning potential for completing these micro jobs is quite limited, and earning a substantial income from them is near impossible. Having experienced many different micro job sites first-hand, I can honestly say that I doubt you can make $10/hour completing micro jobs.

Earnings this low are commonly referred to online as “beer money” because that’s about as much as you could hope to buy from them.

If you’re searching for work online, whether it be for a real job, or an opportunity to put some extra cash in your pocket, micro jobs are probably not the best solution.




How They Work

As a “micro worker” you’ll be freelancing your time to different buyers who need various jobs completed.

Micro jobs are most commonly completed online doing various writing, research, or data entry jobs. However, you may encounter offline, real-world jobs that you can complete using your cell phone or other means.

Because the buyers won’t necessarily get to choose who completes the jobs they’re offering, these jobs are usually no skill required. This results in low earnings for the worker due to the low cost to the buyer.

Micro job earnings


How You Get Paid

Obviously the goal of completing micro jobs is to earn money, so it’s important you understand how you’ll be paid.

Depending on what kind of work you take on, payment options may differ. It’s important to take note of the website’s payment policies before doing any work, so there’s no surprises down the road.

Payments are usually made through PayPal, as to avoid the need for banking or debit/credit card information.

Most websites will also have a payment threshold, which you’ll have to meet in order to receive a payment.

Minimum payment threshold


Types of Micro Jobs

The following is a categorical list of micro jobs that you’ll find that can be completed both online and offline:

Online Jobs

These jobs are completed exclusively online, with no real-world interaction required. Buyers promote their jobs on specific websites that offer individual workers the opportunity to complete these jobs for money.

This could include writing a blog entry for a website.

Crowd Sourcing Jobs

Similar to online jobs, buyers promote their work on a website and pay individuals a small amount for it’s completion. The difference is these types of jobs require multiple workers to complete, and thus require a crowd of people all pitching in to the project. Websites like Clickworker offer such services.

This could include a text translation, where the text is divided and handed off to different workers to complete.

Offline/Real-World Jobs

This type of micro job is less common, but can still be found if working online is not an option. Buyers will offer money for workers to complete various tasks that they simply don’t have time for. Because of the physical nature of these tasks, they can often pay more than online work.

This could include something as simple as running an errand for someone.


Buyers pay for users to complete various targeted surveys to gain valuable consumer information. Places like MySurvey.ca offer surveys that provide buyers with usable, relevant data.

Advertisement Based Tasks/Incentives

Many micro jobs are structured around watching advertisements, or completing paid activities. Websites like CashDazzle offer jackpot prizes and real money bonuses for playing mini-games after watching advertisements.

Local/Online Service Marketplaces

These websites offer individuals the opportunity to offer services in exchange for a small fee. Users can browse the available services held either locally or online, and pay for those that they require.

This could range from creating a business logo, to editing a school assignment.

Paid Product/Website Review

Buyers can also offer paid review jobs that require the worker to review products or websites to test its functionality or appeal. This can range from recorded website tests, to website article reviews. These micro jobs can often yield larger payouts because of the time it can take to complete.


Alternative Job Opportunity – Most Recommended Online

One of, if not the most recommended method for earning money online is affiliate marketing. Unlike micro jobs, this is an opportunity to earn much more than beer money and even earn a full time salary.

The best part is, you won’t work for anyone but yourself. Affiliate marketing let’s you be in charge of your own online business, without the hassle of overhead, property, loans, etc.

All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Hundreds of thousands of people have started their very own businesses through affiliate marketing, and there’s no reason that you can’t as well.

If you’re not sure where to get started, head over to Wealthy Affiliate to learn all you need to know about getting your own website up and running.


Wealthy Affiliate helped over 200,000 people start their own businesses

They offer free training, and the opportunity to be a part of a rich community of aspiring entrepreneurs, all working with the same goals in mind.

With no hidden costs, no up-sells, and an unlimited free account, there’s no reason not to take advantage of their services.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for extra work to put some cash in your pocket, or maybe for a new line of work entirely, affiliate marketing is one of your best options.

Although some micro jobs may hold small opportunity, there is a strong limit on what you can actually accomplish through them.

You’d be lucky to make $10/hour completing micro jobs online.

Your time is valuable, don’t waste it away frivolously in the hopes of earning a few bucks! You might as well do something you enjoy, or take advantage of the free training mentioned earlier.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below. I’d love to be of further assistance if there’s anything else you need clarifying.

All the best,




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8 thoughts on “What is a Micro Job? | Can You Earn More than $10/hour?
  1. Ronnie Jordan says:

    You know although these jobs don’t pay much if they are really short tasked it might not be a bad idea to waste time in line somewhere and grab a few dollars here and there. I usually find myself in a line somewhere bored to death and not able to do anything on my websites standing up. But if one of these jobs can be completed in let’s say 15 or 20 minutes I will take $10.00.

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey Ronnie,

      If you can find a micro job that can be done in 20 minutes that pays $10 I really want to know about it! The closest I have encountered is UserTesting, which pays $10 per website test, but it can take 30+ minutes to complete, and you need a quiet space with recording software.

      Fiverr might be an option, but it doesn’t really work the same way as most micro job websites.

  2. I’m definitely familiar with taking surveys. I tried my hand at it a few years ago. But just as you said, the amount of money was not worth the amount of work.

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey William,

      Your time is most definitely better spent elsewhere. A lot of the time you won’t even make enough money to cover the internet connection you’re paying for to do this type of work.

  3. William says:

    This reminds me of a program I was with not too long ago named crashcrate.com. They preach the same thing.

    1. Isaya says:

      Hey William,

      Crashcrate is a great example of a micro job site. I wouldn’t recommend spending too much time on sites like these.

  4. Hi there, great post with finest ideas to start a micro job business. Here I got an idea to some interesting ideas on micro job business. Thanks for shart.

    1. Isaya says:

      You’re most welcome!

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